In Love

26 May 2015
26 May 2015

It’s about time to show you some pictures! With this cute couple we met already in October to do this fabulous Engagemen-Shooting.

They will get married at the beautiful Steinbachhof Eissler next year in autumn. That is why we went there to find out how it looks there in autumn and to take some nice pictures for the invitations.

After that we went to the new library in Stuttgart a must see for everyone interested in architecture. A special highlight to me was the photo session in an empty movie theater 🙂 We had almost an hour to take pictures and to try out some crazy stuff. Of course we left the room the way it was before we came! 😉

We had so much fun together with Katrin & Eric and all this different locations and we look forward to their wedding next year!

Thank you for this wonderful afternoon!

25 May 2015

This week I am happy to show you the pictures of my last engagement-session at the Killesberg.

For those, who don’t know what an engagement-shooting is for, it is for the couple to get the feeling of being photographed already before the actual wedding. Normally we don’t stand in front of a camera very often. It should prepare you for your wedding day to be relaxed and to look forward to the portrait session.

It is also good for us to get to know you better. We meet or talk to find out the perfect location for the couple, and that way we see what kind of type you are, what locations you prefer, what kind of pictures you like….

And on top of all of that: you will get pictures of yourselves!

Well, today, you will see how it may look like. I meet Hellen & Ben at the Killespark, because they spent a lot of their time there – and I now know why 🙂 It is really beautiful up there! But you will see yourself.

We wish you all a nice weekend and hope that you enjoy every minute of it!